The National Pit Bull Awareness campaign is a nationwide effort to bring positive awareness and attention to the American Pit Bull Terrier and their responsible owners.  


To anyone who shares their life with a "pit bull," the need for a national day of awareness for these misunderstood dogs is clear. Constant negative media attention and sensationalized hype that surrounds pit bulls has the breed in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The media and public have stereotyped and judged an entire group of dogs, as well as their owners, based on the actions of a few.  


National Pit Bull Awareness Day was established as a day to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities in which we and our dogs live. It is an opportunity to be a positive role model for responsible dog ownership, as well as introduce the truth about the grouping of dogs commonly known as "pit bulls" right in your town.  Many people only know of pit bulls by what they hear on the news, and they have formed negative opinions based only on that knowledge.  Fortunately, personal experience with a breed ambassador can overcome the bias put in their head through the media. We can - and we are - making a difference one person at a time. 


In 2006, Bikers Against Animal Cruelty held the first CT National Pit Bull Awareness Day. That year, The CT Pit Bull Project was established. The CT Pit Bull Project continues to plan and hold the event every October. CT Pit Bull Project is a group of individuals interested in restoring the positive image of the bully breed with a focus on community outreach, education, and fundraising. With a special interest in helping to educate the public on the high number of pit bulls in animal shelters, why the quest for breed specific legislation will not work, and ways we can help the pit bull community.


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