Pit Bull Facts




Myth Pit Bulls have locking jaws.
Fact Pit Bulls have the same basic jaw structure as any other breed. In fact, if they did have locking jaws, they would have to be classified as an entirely different species!

Myth Pit Bulls have a bite pressure of 2,000 pounds.
Fact A study done by Dr. Brady Bar of National Geographic compared the bite pressure of three different breeds: Rottweiler, German Shepherd, and American Pit Bull Terrier. Together, they had an average bite pressure of 320 pounds. The results of the study also showed that the American Pit Bull Terrier had the lowest bite pressure of the three.

If you got bit by an animal with a bite pressure of 2,000 pounds, you did NOT get bit by a Pit Bull. You got bit by an alligator (bite pressure of 2,500 pounds).

Myth Pit Bulls don’t feel pain.
Fact Of course they do! They may be more tolerant of pain or discomfort, which, historically speaking, would have been what breeders strived for. It would be their desire to produce a dog that would complete its task even through pain or discomfort. Just as Pit Bulls have the same basic jaw structure as any other breed, they also have the same nervous system.

Myth Pit Bulls “turn” on their owners.
Fact No dog, of ANY breed, expresses a behavior “just because”. There is always a reason. There is a specific pattern that aggression follows: First, there are warning signs, then more warning signs. If those signs are continually ignored or misinterpreted, the dog resorts to aggression.

Myth If a Pit Bull attacks another dog, it is only a matter of time before it attacks a person.
Fact Dog aggression and human aggression are two completely different behaviors that are NOT related to one another. Also, American Pit Bull Terriers have been bred not to be aggressive towards people.

Myth Blue nose/Red nose dogs are a special type of Pit Bull.
Fact These just refer to the dog’s color and are probably the least important thing to consider when breeding. Pit Bulls come in just about every color possible in dogs and, while some colors are more rare than others, blue and red are not in this category. Irresponsible breeders would have you think that a blue or red nose Pit Bull is something special, but it’s just a ploy to get more money.


Fun Facts

-The largest single DEA drug-bust in history was made thanks to the efforts of a Pit Bull named Popsicle; Popsicle located over 3,000 pounds of cocaine in a Texas drug raid.

-An American Pit Bull Terrier named Dakota helped search for the remains of the astronauts who were aboard the space shuttle “Columbia” when it exploded.

-The Pit Bull was the U.S. mascot during both WWI and WWII.

-The very first road trip across the U.S. was made by Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson and his Pit Bull, Bud, in 1903.

-The first decorated canine war hero was a Pit Bull named Sergeant Stubby.

-The Pit Bull is the only breed to have been on the cover of Life magazine three times.

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